Friday, December 25, 2015

PMS Help: You Just Found The Answer

I have been meaning for awhile to do a blog out there for women who either suffer from PMS or premenopausal symptoms. If you are one of them you know how horrible it can be when suddenly it feels like the world is caving in around you just because your hormones are out of wack just to name one symptom!

Well I wanted to share with you about two essential oils that really are life savers for women. The first one is Fennel Essential oil. When you use this oil either topically or taken as a dietary supplement your body reads it like estrogen and thus eliminates hormonal symptoms caused by PMS or pre menopause. A simple google on this oil you will discover that many women have used it as the answer to their problems.

I started to use it a few years ago myself. I have severe PMS and as I have gotten older those symptoms have increased. But just by taking Fennel Essential oil for a few days all of those symptoms go away. The only side effect you should know about are 1) it will increase your sex drive (this is true even for men that use it) 2) You should not take it if you are susceptible to cancer, or would not take hormones in general. This is because your body does receive it as if it is estrogen. Positive alternative possibly for some women but not others.

If you are interested in trying the oil I recommend using Young Living because they are the finest essential oils you can get. I just found one for sale on Amazon for $20 if your interested, or as usual you can purchase it from yours truly for $22.70 on my YL website . Just click on products and search for Fennel.

The next oil I want to share with you is really for PMS and was made by Young Living for this purpose. It will get rid of cramps fast. The only downside is not everyone likes the smell and unlike Fennel I do no recommend taking this one orally. I found this one on Amazon for $43 here. Otherwise full price on my website is $64. (Just making sure you get the best deal). The contents of dragon time is:
Clary sage (Salvia sclarea), fennel (Foeniculum vulgare), lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), marjoram (Origanum majorana), yarrow (Achillea millefolium), and jasmine (Jasminum officinale)

I hope that you find this information helpful! I know that my quality of life has changed just by being able to keep my own emotions under control using these oils. And when you can use something natural it is even better!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Best Essential Oil Guides and Where To Get Them

Since my blog is all about how to use essential oils and their benefits I thought it a wonderful idea to provide you with a list of what I feel are the TOP resources available to learn how to use oils safely and effectively! As you may know there are essential oils for headache, acne, soar throat, cold sores, anxiety, depression, colds, essential oils for hair growth, you name it!

You may be looking for a list of essential oils and their uses but if you search online chances are you may find information that is tainted by those trying to sell the product. So what really works? What do you really need to know to safely use essential oils?

Here are my top 5 resources all available on Amazon!

1. Essential Oils Desk Reference by Life Sciences

This book will provide you with a list of every single oil, what they can do, how to use them etc. It will also provide you with information on pressure points, massage and all the other products that Young Living produces. It also has a wonderful index where you can look up any ailment you might have and what to use for it. This version is an older version, which means you can probably get it at a discount or used. Honestly, the newer version I don't think is any better.

BUT if you MUST have the newest version you can find it here Essential Oils Desk Reference, Special Fifth Edition

2. Essential Oils Pocket Reference by Gary Young This pocket-sized version of the Essential Oils Desk Reference contains selected material from the Desk Reference, including the Personal Usage Guide (which features information and recommended essential oils and blends for over 300 different health topics). It includes safety data, application information, and much more!

3. Essential Oils Pocket Reference by Life Sciences This pocket reference is a smaller version of the Essential oils desk reference and is a bit less expensive than the one I mentioned in number 2.

4. Essential Oils Guide by Connie & Alan Higley  This book's unique new color-coded system makes it simple for anyone to quickly find-and confidently use-recommended essential oils, oil blends, and essential oil-inspired supplements for hundreds of different health and wellness conditions. Additionally, hundreds of footnotes throughout this book lead to summaries and references for more than 300 published research studies on essential oils and essential oil constituents. These unique features-along with detailed information on over 100 essential oils and 150 commercially-available oil blends, supplements, and personal care products-made this the perfect book for both seasoned oilers and those just beginning their journey into the fascinating world of nature's essential oils! 

5. Healing Oils of The Bible, by David Stewart  If you want to learn about the healing oils of the Bible, want to hold workshops on this topic or want to learn how you can benefit from them I highly recommend this book! I personally found this resource amazing for my business! He provides enough information to get you started holding meetings if you desire!

Just as an added bonus here is a video on how to use a diffuser!

Young Living Membership - Home Based Business

How To Get Your Young Living Membership! 

First watch this video to learn all you need to know about Young Living Oils!

 Do you know people struggling with their health but cannot afford healthcare? Are you looking for a way to become healthier naturally? The Health Care industry will become a trillion dollar industry by 2017, according to Forbes. And in the Pharmaceutical industry, we see most companies making profits in the billions of dollars each year! In fact, according to Global Data's latest report, Johnson and Johnson made a profit of 13.8 billion!
Why is it becoming so much more expensive if we have better technology and science to improve health and in some cases cure diseases? Why are medications more expensive? Simply because they want the profit!
What is amazing to know is that many of the active ingredients in medications we purchase are essential oils. The Pharmaceutical industry just adds synthetic ingredients so that they can patent it and make money off of it. So in some cases you may benefit from the essential oil alone! 
The increase in popularity of natural health alternatives has grown and continues to grow as health care becomes even more expensive. Many have chosen to use natural products over synthetic and have seen health improvements!
When I first used essential oils it was for a sinus infection. Someone had handed me a bottle of Thieves oil and told me to put it on the bottom of my feet that night. I did and by morning the sinus infection was gone. So for my own personal health I decided the investment was worth my health! And I am glad that for 8 solid years now I have continued to find health benefits in using them daily!
Thieves oil contains: Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary. According to Young Living: It is an essential oil blend  inspired by the legend of four 15th-century French thieves who formulated a special aromatic combination composed of clove, rosemary, and other botanicals they used while robbing the dead and dying. Thieves supports healthy immune function*, and it includes Eucalyptus radiata essential oil, which may help maintain a healthy respiratory system.* When taken as a dietary supplement, Thieves is an ideal complement to a daily wellness regimen.

You can be part of improving others health, a solution to the ongoing rise of medications and healthcare! Take care of your health naturally!

Where to get Essential Oils By Young Living if you want to start a business!

Essential Oils are sold through a network of distributors, and Young Living is the leading Essential Oil company – therefore an exciting opportunity exists to promote essential oils to your contacts, as well as online.
You can also buy Essential Oils retail online. The price compares very well with the cost of equivalent essential oils in health food stores and you get a higher quality product, especially when you buy a kit, but Young Living oils are made from healthier and higher quality ingredients so it will be better for you than cheaper oils.
Order online/find out about becoming a rep: Young Living (reps now wanted worldwide).

All About The Young Living Membership Program

When you start your business you get the PREMIUM STARTER KIT you will enjoy:
  • Saving 24% percent off retail prices for one year ( listen below) *Please note Some oils maybe substituted depending on Supply.
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  • Buy what you want, when you want
  • No obligation to sell anything, ever!
  • No annual fee.

Essential Rewards Program!

The essential rewards program allows you to earn points towards FREE product! Each time you place an order you earn more points and they add up fast! In addition, each month a special offer will be made available that if you purchase a certain amount of product you get even more FREE product! This additional program is optional but for those serious about living in a chemical free home and transforming their health!

Once you have enrolled with a Starter Kit, you may choose from one of five different essential rewards kits!

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