Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Why I Use Essential Oils To Improve My Health

Have you ever wondered how someone gets into using essential oils to improve their health and why they do so? Maybe it has sounded strange to you and you think of it more as something that is found at a spa.

I started to use essential oils about five years ago. Someone had handed me what is called "Thieves oil" but I thought it sounded weird and put it in my cub board. But then I was interviewing someone on my podcast talking about the same oils and at the time I had a sinus infection. She challenged me to put it on the bottom of my feet and that by morning it would be gone.

Well I figured I had nothing to lose so that is exactly what I did and by morning not only had a broken a fever the sinus infection was gone. Being prone to sinus infections I felt I needed to get these oils for my own personal health.

I never planned on starting a business, I just got a membership to get a discount on the oils. But then I started to hang out with my friends and one day I had brought some of the oils with me to a Bible Study. I had made my own anointing oil and these friends of mine always loved to pass around the various anointing oils.

Well one of my friends was really sick and had just undergone major surgery. She really liked the smell of the oil I had brought and kept smelling it calling it the "bong oil". lol  Well the next day she called me and demanded I meet her and others for dinner because she was completely healed and she was demanding I tell her how to get them.

I can't say I have ever been a great "sales" person but when your friends pin you in a corner demanding answers you give them the information. Now I have about 195 people in my business and so many have testimonies of getting off of medications and improved health.

For myself I have been able to nearly eliminate sinus infections, have been able to depend on oils instead of antibiotics in most cases, and there have been so many ways it has saved me money going to the doctor. They are both soothing and helpful.

I started to make homemade bath products and gave those to my friends, who have actually been able to improve their health from eliminating skin issues, helping with stress and helping with sleep.

If you are interested in using essential oils or thinking about starting a business feel free to contact me with questions. My website is

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