Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Immediate Stress Relief

Looking for a way to relieve stress? This stress away essential oil is not only one of the most popular ones amongst my customers it is my favorite too.

I enjoy making sugar scrubs with this oil because it is perfect for someone to use before they go to bed at night in a shower. Some individuals have told me that they have gotten rid of skin issues due to stress using this oil as well.

I started to use it in a time in my life when life was at an all time high. I would diffuse it, put it on topically, put it in bath salts, my bath with oil or a sugar scrub. The result made such a huge difference people would comment at how peaceful I was!

If you are looking for something to just take the edge off this is definitely a great oil to use. It also smells wonderful.

It is currently $39 and you can purchase it on my website here

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