Saturday, February 25, 2017

H202 Therapy - One Minute Cure for Systemic Candida

Well folks I decided this blog was worth while to share for those suffering with candida. In July of 2016 I discovered I had severe systemic candida. I had thrush, candida infections, and was really sick. This was due to have tuberculosis in 2007 and although I took probiotics after I didn't realize that I should have continued them for a long time.

So like many I went to my doctor and they don't know a thing about it. They gave me medication that had sugar in it for the thrush and made it worse. Luckily we have a doctor onsite at work and she was able to help me with some better medication. I also took some medication to get it out of my system but this didn't do much long term.

I changed my diet, took all sugar and anything that turned into sugar when you eat it out of my diet. I followed this to the letter. I did the antifungals and the probiotics. I also finally started to eat massive amounts of fermented foods. In fact, I had found Dr Axe's website and added pretty much every fermented food he listed and followed his program to the letter.

Although the diet helped with symptoms and helped it from getting worse (as long as I stuck to it), it did not get rid of it. When I initially started garlic really helped and I have noticed that it would help if I ate raw garlic three times a day...but it was not strong enough.

Finally this week after about 7 months of trying the natural way, I decided to try H202 therapy. But instead of using 35% Food grade HP, I started with 3%. I put three to five drops in my water three times a day and drank it. Yesterday was my first day and the die off was horrible. It was like a mac truck hit me, much like when I first found out I had it and ate garlic.

So today is day two, following the same process and this time no die off. I think this means that I got rid of the worst part of it yesterday. I am also sold that you don't need a really high dosage to make a difference. I will get the 35% to dilute in about a week and I will try that as well if I have any symptoms left and also just to make sure it is all gone.

I continue with the fermented foods and the strict diet and will really go all in with the probiotics after a week of this process. My hope is that I can kill off the majority and the probiotics will take over.

But I am confident this is the only true cure for systemic candida. I mean I was religious on the candida diet and all that jazz. I also ended up having to use HP on my tongue to get rid of the thrush...but still tiny amounts would stay due to the candida being in every muscle in my body.

If you are suffering with this I would highly recommend trying this. Even using just 3% food grade HP has been effective for me and it is safer than the big guns.


Update: It has been three days now since I posted this first post. I have no more die off symptoms and I feel I am getting better daily. I have increased my intake of the 3% food grade HP to 10 drops three times a day. In the next five days or so I should get the stronger stuff, but really I have felt what I have to be pretty strong.

I continue to see my symptoms slowly go away although they are not all gone, so I know I am still fighting it. But seeing progress is huge! I will continue the ten drops three times a day until I get the big guns in the mail. Then I will start with a drop a day and go up to 3 drops only. I think that once I hit that level that it will be enough to rid my body of anything left that needs to be gone.

I am still eating fermented foods and probiotics but after this treatment I will go all in with the probiotics and really work on replenishing my system for a long period of time.

Update: The day after I made that last post I recieved the big guns in the mail and to my surprise it wasn't that big of a deal. Tomorrow I will be on 14 drops three times a day. Last weekend was my birthday and I ate a few things I shouldn't have. This set me back, gave me thrush etc. BUT! With a lot of HP I was able to get rid of it pretty much in 24 hours.
So with that in mind, I did struggle with my diet this week and was eating some sugar free candy. This is technically not sugar free they just put alternative sugar in it. So its not as bad but still not good.
Even so, I continue to see improvements daily. I also read more in the book One Minute Cure and discovered it does not kill the good bacteria which I am very happy about. I have worked hard for several months now building up the good stuff so that was good news.
I continue to eat fermented foods, take probiotics and drink the stuff.

I know that I will have reached a healing point when I no longer see any sign in the back of my throat and in my ears. That is my biggest struggle is my ears itch especially if I eat something close to a carb. In fact, they itch if I eat fermented foods or some type of dairy like sheeps milk if it has any natural sugars. So you can see even after months I still am pretty infested.

However, my face looks healthier than it has in years, I wake up easier in the morning and don't really need an alarm. I have also decided that I don't want to go back to eating junk, carbs and the like because they make me feel bad and they cause immediate cravings for more and for days. If I don't eat the stuff  I don't crave anything.

So I will do another update next week on this same post. I will be at the high dose of 25 next weekend. My plan is to stay at that dose for a couple of days if I see any signs of candida. Then I will start the process of reducing the dose.

I listened to one guy on youtube today that said he did this and it cured him of the same thing. So I am hoping that even though I am pretty bad off, if I stick with it that it will get rid of it for me too. Especially because I don't have any other health issues that would keep it from not going away.

Here is to better health!
Update to day 19, which would be 19 drops three times a day. At 17 drops I started to notice more die off and lost a bit of energy. It wasn't super bad but I could tell I had extra toxins leaving my system. So now this morning I woke up and felt AMAZING!! I haven't had so much energy since I can remember. I was in fact trying to remember when...maybe in my 20s or even my teenage years.

So it is definitely working!! I do feel a bit tired after a dosage but find that the more water I drink the better off I am.

Feeling this amazing, I wish I had taken this route long ago! Living without eating carbs has been brutal and although I think you have to still change your diet for this to work, it would have been short term versus long term.

Again, I will update you later this week once I hit 25 drops! And report when exactly I feel its completely gone.

Today I am at 25 drops. Sad to say it is not completely gone. I have heard so many say that by 25 they felt they were healed. Today I did more googling and found one lady who had it really bad took the h202 at 10d drops for about ten months. Then she says it went away.

Now I have seen improvement. And that is far more than what I have seen in the past. Twice this week I ate something that was carb related (small thing) and that set me back. But I am stronger than ever today and will continue to try to keep all carbs out of my diet until I get rid of this stuff.

Still taking probiotics and eating fermented food as well. I am going to stay at 25 drops for a few days and see if that level of intensity will get rid of the majority of it. Then will start the descent back down to 3 drops a day.

Truth be told this is not something that goes away quickly just because it is aggressive and it has a coating on it that protects it. I may add some other anti-fungals back into my diet as well, since I haven't taken them for awhile. They may help!

I will update again when I see any major improvement worth noting.


So I have been on 25 drops a day for a few days now...not a full week. Instead of drinking it three times a day I started to drink it throughout the day. Yesterday I ate sugar in a weak moment and the H202 killed the extra yeast immediately. I read from the one minute cure that you can do 25 drops three times a day for three weeks and then 25 drops twice a day for up to six months if you have a severe situation. So this is what I am going to try for. If sugar still gives me an instant reaction that tells me I have not come as far as I thought. Onward!


Final update for this post! I continued the H202 and then had some other issues related to the strict high protein diet. This included kidney stones and also constipation. So be sure to be aware of these things. I had to drink some sort of husk fiber to get things going. Also H202 as well as other antifungel dehydrate you. So your eyes may turn red if you are doing H202. So make sure you not only drink a massive amount of water but also use eye drops! Clear eyes Gel drops are the best.

I have almost ridded myself of all candida. I am starting to eat some carbs again and can handle splenda. Just can't eat sugar yet. I am convinced that continued use will completely get rid of it. I only take one glass of the 25 drops a day. This seems to do the trick and I guess you can do two glasses a day for up to six months. But the one glass is plenty intense considering your body can only detox so fast.

If you try this let me know how it goes for you!